Getting To Know Me Part 1

Hello my loves I hope we are all well and are having a good week so far.

So today I thought we could do something a little fun. I was scrolling through my pintrest and spotted these questionnaire’s and I thought they could be a good way to have a laugh and get to know each other. 

So every Tuesday I’ll pick a different type of questionnaire and if you have any other questions ask me them on my social media’s and I’ll include them in the next post. 

So here is today’s questions 

1. I wanted to be a estate agent. When I was around 6 I got this little plastic briefcase and made my grandparents take me down to the estate agents so I could get houses for sale info pages then I set up a little office in theit sitting room. 

2. Phoebe. She is quirky and can be a bit silly and a bit thick at times. But I always said she and me are very similar.

3. Yes I love it. It’s old fashioned and I was named after an amazing female author who books I really enjoy.

4. I’m an organised messy person and I know anyone who knows me would probably beg to differ. It may seem like a mess to you but I know where everything is. 

5. I’m 5ft 8. I really like been tall but it can have its downside escpially clothes shopping and it’s hard to wear heels with out been too tall.

6.  Oh God I’ve no idea but I know I’ve always been taller than most girls. 

7. I love to curl up and watch spin the wheel on Rte ( anyone who is from Ireland will know what I’m on about) I used to watch it when I was younger when I stayed with my grandparents. 

8. I’m saving money for when we have our own house so we can buy some new furniture and decorate it. 

9. I love pringles  the sour cream ones are my favorite. I can eat maybe a little less then half a tub.

10. Depends on my mood but I would prefer coffee ☕ Starbucks is my favourite I love a frappachino with caramel.

11. Introvert. Most of the time I’m quiet and shy around people. I don’t have a lot of confidence. 

12. I’m going to dress up as a member of paw patrol with my son I think skye and go trick or treating.

13. Sweet. I’m a sucker for sweets. I’ve a sweet tooth which doesn’t help when I’m trying to weight.

14. Probably tumblr it’s so easy to get talking to people about my favorite TV shows without sounding like I’m mad.  

15. My boyfriend when he was going out this Morning.

16. Lucky charms cereal ( it’s from America) I’m in love with this cereal mostly because it has marshmallows in it. 

17. My birthday is the 17 of January.

18. I started my old blog life with Emily last summer and then I started a new blog about 2 weeks ago.

19. I could ramble on with this topic. I can’t about and them there fake about and nd the show is scripted poorly. I think they pretend and  try to hard.

20. Myself. I mean I wear what I like do my makeup how I like. I’m able to be myself and I love that.

21. My hair is a mix of light/medium brown with bits of red. I had a purple die in and never touched it up.

22. Currently I’m wearing hot pink and black fluffy socks from penny’s because it’s a pj kinda day .

23. To be able to use my blog to make an income. Or be trained as a social worker. 

24. I love them both. But I would love to have a tiny teacup dog 🐶 but I’m currently renting so have to wait. 

25. That I have to have the last word. Or that I eat ketchup with almost everything. 

26.  Male- Johnny Depp oh the thing I would do to him. 

Female- Taylor momsen I just think she’s a babe I would becone a lesbian for her. 

27. I used to smoke so doesn’t bother me when others smoke. Though if you wanna smoke in my house it has to be out the back. 

28. I would love to have 4 children. 2 boys and 2 girls. 

29. Oliver, Oscar, Jacob. 

30. Teegan, willow and poppy.

I really hope you enjoyed this. I’ll leave all my social media below


Instagram-  @emilys___world 

Facebook Page-


9 thoughts on “Getting To Know Me Part 1

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  1. Johnny Depp and Taylor Momsen – yes! 🙂 Would be cool if they performed on stage together (music, I mean 😉 ) Taylor’s voice is killer!
    I love doing these things! How would you like a little more exposure, Emily? This has great potential to be turned into a blog hop. May I use these questions in a post? My idea is to add a linky list and of course, your blog would be featured and given full credit. Possibly for next week? What do you think?


      1. We saw Johnny perform with Hollywood Vampires last year. The man knows his stuff! Hoping to see Taylor and her band, soon, Her Youtube performances really sizzle. 🙂

        Okay, I’ll start working on it. Will keep you posted. It will probably be ready sometime next week.


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