Get to know me part 2

Hey everyone I hope we are all well and  your week is going good.

So this part 2 of getting to know me. I will be running this series for as long as you guys are enjoying it. I may change it up and add bits about my mental health journey.

So today’s questions are from pinterest and if you have any questions you would like me to answer let me know

1. My phone or else my notebook mainly as I’m always taking notes on products I see or events that could be on in my local area.

2. Now this is a tough one. So instead I’ll name 3 favorites from the drugstore and high end. My favorite drugstore/chemist brand would be Catrice, Makeup Revolution and Sleek. And my high end favs would be Mac, Urban decay and Kat Von Dee.

3. I love white lilies I think they are beautiful and smell amazing. 

4. Hands down has to be New Look there plus size range is amazing and perfect sizing and there are always such amazing cheap pieces.

5. I’m always changing my mind on this. I am a huge fan sweet smelling perfume and I’m always coming back to one I wore a as teen. Britney Spear’s Fantasy.

6. Flats all the way. I’m a clumsy person and I normally fall over a lot in heels so flats are safer.

7. When I was in school I was never the best student. But if it was a class I enoted like history or agricultural science I really excelled and done very well in.

8. Purple, Teal and Deep red.

9. I used to drink a lot of them but after reading the horror stories and seen the ingredients and how dangerous and bad for you they are I’ve really cut down on them.

10. Yes. I love chilled apple juice I just find it so refreshing. 

11. I wish I did. But sadly at 24 and havin several lessons as a child and teenager I can’t swim. I just enjoy floating there.

12. It depends on ignition put vinegar or not on them. I don’t like vinegar going near my hands as I’ve an awful habit at biting the skin around my nails.

13. Hands down it has to be Simple I’ve used this for years and it’s probably the only one I would run out and repurchase. It has never let me down. And it’s perfect for my sensitive skin.

14. I would love to get married. My partner and I have been together 5 years. But I don’t want a traditional white dress church wedding.

15. Yes I have a firey temper and when I’m mad I make the hulk look like a kitten.

16. Yes I belive that we are not alone and that there are ghost’s around us. Personally I’ve never encountered one but there is proof and blogs you can read on this. 

17. I’m terrified of spiders. I freak out if there is one any where near me in the house thank God my son get’s rid of this for me.

18. Yes. I’ve been trying for years to stop it is so hard. There kind of long at the moment and painting my nails really helps me to stop. 

19. As far as I know I haven’t. 

20. Does a duck swim. Yes I drink coffee ☕ I’m terrible for it. I love when there is an offer on the toffee nut mocha in my local supermarket. 

So guys I really hope you enjoyed this and I’ll leave all my social media’s down below


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  1. That was fun to read. 🙂 Believe it or not, despite our age differences, we have a few things in common, like I’ve never worn high heels either and didn’t have a white dress for my wedding. Spiders – ugh! And those awful centipedes. Either one sends me screaming from the room! Can’t get by without coffee either.


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