What have I been watching on Netflix 

Hey lovelies. I hope we have all had an amazing weekend.

So I’m going to be sharing with you today what I have been watching on Netflix and weather I think ots worth the watch. 

1. Riverdale.

This is a 13 part one season show. It starts off with a murder but not everything is as it would seem. It does leave to guessing and trying to work it out. But as it comes to the end it is clear who was involved. Thought I have to give the ending serious credit it was fab. This is based on the archie comics. It is another teen sort of drama that will keep it you entertained.

I would give it 7/10.

2. Pretty little liars. 

This has been going on for 7 long drawn out seasons. It’s gotten to the point I’m only watching to the end as I invested a lot of time watching it. 

It’s about a group of girls who best friend vanishes one night and is presumed dead and the girls all drift apart until the start getting anonymous texts. It’s a good watch and does keep you entertained. But while watching it you will get annoyed as none of your questions seem to get answered.

I’d give it 7/10.

3. 13 reasons why.

This is based of the book with the same name. Now this deals with this eek suicide, bullying, rape, drugs and alcohol and a lot more sensitive subjects. So it is advise this reno watch with ccaution. 

This starts just after a young girl commits suicide and no one really knows why she did it  till clay arrives home and discovers haannah actually left 13 tapes and on each tape is a reason and person who drove her to suicide. 

Now I found this very difficult and annoying to watch as in the show haannah comes across as selfish and it’s very hard to feel any sympothy for her. 

I would give this 5/10.

4. Once upon a time.

This is my favorite at the moment there are six seasons currently on Netflix and I’m only season 4. 

If you enjoy fairy tales and the brothers grimm and all things fantasy then you will love this. 

I find this so easy to watch and I love how and all the major characters have a back story showing how they are linked. The plot is easy to follow.

It’s all about a girl named Emma and meeting the son she gave up for adoption and he thinks she is the daughter of snow white and prince charming. 

I would give this 10/10.
So have you guys watched anything good?

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  1. Hi! I am a big fan of pretty little liars and once upon a time. So happy that both of the shows are partially anything except for once upon a Time has a twist coming up for next season. Henry is actually going to be an adult this time. Please take a read of my beauty blog beautybiche.blogspot.com

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