PS Pro Foundation

Hey everyone. I hope we are all having a lovely weekend. I’m enjoying my bank holiday weekend just cuddled up with my little boy. 

If you are like me and are still searching for the perfect foundation or even just a cheaper alternative to your expensive fav foundation. Then I may have found a good one. 

I’ve seen this foundation around instagram and I’ve seen a few people saying is a dupe for Estee Lauders Double Wear Foundation.

So today I bring you pennys/primark own Ps Pro Foundation. Im in the shade porcelain but I will be honest there’s no a huge range of shades available. Here in Ireland this retail’s for 6€.

Packaging- I’m obsessed with the box it remind me of the Mac Makeup boxes. When you open the box it’s a frosted glass texture bottle which you can easily keep track of how much is left. It comes with a pump (which is a huge bouns). I think it looks so sleek and elegant and will look nice on my makeup desk. 

Formula- This is a thick and non runny foundation. And to me it performs just like my Mac Studio Foundation ( which is 35€ 😲 ) it even smells just like it. The one little draw back is it does oxadise a bit. 

Coverage- I found this to be a full coverage it hid almost all my imperfections with one coat. And if you need to layer up to a second coat it won’t appear cakey.. 

Performance- I was delighted this didn’t cling to my dry areas. It lasted about 6 hours ( I use a setting powder and a setting spray) but sadly it was not sweat proof. 

My final thoughts- 

If your on a budget and want a good everyday foundation that can handle when you apply other products on top like highlighter or powder and doesn’t cake or doest spread or start to separate then try this. I adore this and will be using it and the repurchasing it. I only had to re apply setting powder once.

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