Paperchase Haul

Hey everyone I hope we have all had a good weekend and there our week is going good so far.
I’m a little bit of a stationary addict and when I find a website that has affordable and quirky items I can’t resist ordering something.

So I found this website called Paperchase and everything on it is affordable and so cute and quirky. I knew I had to place an order.

So I order some pens, pencil case, photo prop and a planner. Everything I ordered is hopefully going to help me plan my blog better and help me get organised.

So let’s take a look at everything I bought

1. A6 4 subject notebook.

I needed a new notebook to write blog ideas and product reviews and what not in  and when I seen this I knew it would be perfect as it’s small enough to fit in my handbag and I can also divide up my note taking into sections  and the fact it is purple helped.

2. Pink tribal print pencil case.

I’m forever loosing  my pens so I though I would pick this up to store them in and it will also fit into my handbag. It’s a really nice pink case with a lovely design it has one main zipped compartment and a Velcro closed. It’s very roomy and I can’t wait to fill it up.

3. Pineapple pen, purple gel pen and a highlighter.

When I spotted this cute pineapple pen I knew I had to have it I love pineapples. I also picked up a purple gel pen to just add a little sparkle to my planner and note taking and finally I got a yellow highlighter with a cute tiger on the lid to help make important things stand out.

4. Mini windmills.

I’ve been trying to up my blog photos and trying find good props is so hard. When I seen these I knew they would be perfect to add a little touch of summer and brightness to my photos. Plus they would look nice on my desk.

5. Bird Planner.

I’m awful at organising myself and keeping on top of things so I knew I needed some help so u picked this up to keep track of when I’ll have my posts up and when I have important appointments. It’s a really big size and the layout is super cute.

So that’s it for this haul I hope you enjoyed as always I will leave my social media linked below. Have a good week everyone.

Twitter- (@emily__fox)

Instagram-  @emilys___world 

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