Fuschia Tribal Pallet 

Hey everyone. I hope we all have had a lovely weekend. Did we all enjoy the sun? I’m not one for the sun so I just used the nice weather to do the laundry.  

About 2 weeks ago I met the amazing and talented Annemarie from Fuschia makeup and she did my makeup and one of the products she used was this beautiful pallet. This is the Tribal Pallet and it contains 7 eyeshadow pans and it RRP is 27€. Also they are an Irish brand based in Dublin and have numerous stores. Here is the website

Now one of the things I love about this is each of the eye shadows can be popped out and replaced once they run out or I can mix up the existing colours that are in the palette. I just found this is really cool.

As I’ve said this has 7 eyeshadow in the Pallet in a mix of shimmers and Matt shadows. There are a mix of brown and reds in this Pallet. I feel it would be great for summer time. 

Organza- is a pale pink colour which I use as my transition shade. 

Barley there- is a white shade I use this all over the lid to set my primer, to tidy up the shadows, on my brow bone and in my inner corner. 

Brazilian Bronze- is a deep bronze shade with gold reflects. I use this all over my lid (to make this really pop I use mac fix+). 

Pennies From Heaven- is a deep copper red and is stunning.  I use this all over my lid, on my lower lash line and my inner corner ( again if I want this to pop I use mac fix+). 

Sienna- is a taupe brownish colour and I mostly use this to deepen up my crease or a wash of colour on my lid. 

Oh My Orange- is a sparkly orange shade that I mostly use on my lid or under my lash line. 

Red For Real- Is a sparkly red shade that I use in my crease or all over my lid and under my lash line. 

I actually really love this Pallet and I don’t have any real fallout or kickback issues. I find these shadows wear really well about 5 hours and that they work best with a primer. This is a Pallet that you’ll love if you like reds and browns. I especially love that I can reuse the Tribal Pallet with different shades and make a whole new Pallet. I’ll leave swatches of all the shades below and my social media as always thanks for reading. 

With flash 

No flash 

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