L’Oréal Baby Roll Mascara

Hey everyone.  I hope we all had a good weekend. I don’t get up to much just movies and relaxing and household chores. 

I recently picked the L’Oréal Baby roll  mascara after seeing a few people talk about it and how much they loved it. This mascara claims to have mega volume. And I’ve read it’s supposed to be clump free. This sounds perfect for my Tiny lashes. It also comes in a few different colours ( violet and turquoise). 

I’m going to be honest the brush is a little fatter and has more bristles on it then I’m used to (see the photo below) but I have to say it gave my stubby lashes some serious volume and length. 

The main drawback to the mascara is I found that if your in a hurry it’ll go everywhere and will clump very bad. I found that I had to go slow and try not to rush. It really made a lot of difference in my lashes (see photo below) and it didn’t give me panda eye throughout my day. Plus it’s quiet reasonably priced at around 11€. 

This is  definitely worth the purchase as I found it to be a lot better than some of my more expensive mascaras. Doesn’t give panda eyes   The only downside would the fact that if you are rushing it will get everywhere. But if you want volume and a little length then you will love this .

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